Echelon. Cycling definition: The formation a peloton uses navigates a side wind.

This isn’t just a cool word that speaks teamwork and power, it’s also the name of one of Santa Rosa’s small business gems. Echelon Cycling and Multisport is an owner operated shop that breeds a loyalty in its customers that is hard to match.

Referred to by its followers as “THE Tri Shop”, the staff and crew at Echelon are well versed in all three sports — cycling, running, and swimming. They have carefully chosen brand lines and products that are the best possible fit for the individual sports as well as competition triathlons.

These people are in touch with their community and work hard to have small town familiarity in a high-quality setting. They will get to know you, and spend whatever time is needed to get you and your bike fitted to each other. They are the go to for maintenance and repairs, as well as upgrades and accessories.

A few key notes:

Their ride maps on their “Local rides” page are tried and true by real life riders, not just some pre-mapped cycling routes. We’ve all experienced the frustration of following a “bicycle route” only to find ourselves in heavy traffic with poorly marked intersections or walking our bikes because of too many hazards on the pathway. Not gonna happen with the hand picked routes they have ready for you as a free resource.

Their fitting system is in depth and worth the money. It’s hard to find a shop that will spend several hours with you to make sure that you are getting the most efficiency possible out of your bike and your body, and then be willing to follow up with you! This quality feature that their store offers make them worth setting an appointment and driving.

If you follow their facebook page, you will have noticed that they keep it up to date and offer a great many opportunities and group activities to their followers. From the Women’s Wednesday rides to pilates and yoga events, to helping organise and take part in larger community events, there will be no shortage of chances for you to get out and get active with like minded people.

The soaring reviews and faithful followers of this company make it an invaluable addition to our Santa Rosa community. Shops like this, with staff that are passionate about their work and their customers, are not only an essential to the cycling and triathlon world, but are a model for niche shops all over the country.