As the workforce becomes decentralized, coworking spaces and coffee shops continue to rise in popularity.

But what if you could create a startup “hive”? Some place where startups could not only work but work in a location where visibility was easy to obtain, coaching was around every corner, and venture capital was waiting with open checkbooks (ok, so now we are dreaming.)

Across the country, we see these incubators take shape. In 2011, the Share Exchange opened an incubator for our area.

Now, six years later, it appears that this project is technically still running. Whether you are struggling with funding or marketing or manufacturing, you are welcome to apply for coaching.

Our local culture revolves around the food and crafts industries. When you look at some of the current incubator projects, you see these industries heavily represented.

Unfortunately, it appears that these dreams didn’t work for many. The websites for the Spiral foods coop, Katzi designs, Preserve Sonoma and Spacious Economy Media, are all dead. (I could link to their old websites, but what’s the point? You can see their dead links, here )

Ironically, it looks like the incubator needs a Savior as much as our local small businesses do.

The idea is a good one. We have had a SCORE in our local area that not nearly enough companies take advantage of SCORE is free and pairs you with a mentor. Not only can you get needed advice from them, but they can also connect you to a much wider network of people for increased exposure or resources.

They also offer workshops and events to help you hone critical business skills.

Coworking Spaces In Santa Rosa

There is still coworking space available inside the Share Exchange. Besides, here are a few other locations that might help the small business that needs office space but wants to control costs.

Share Exchange
529 4th Street,
Santa Rosa CA

Sphere Pa
1714 Stockton Street #300
San Francisco, CA, 94133

Work Petaluma
Two locations. Call 707-721-6540